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East Point Sports Ltd  is an Online company bringing the UK the best in sports equipment, for a whole range of different sports.

We started in June of 2011 with a target of supplying the UK with the right sports equipment at the right price and with a personal service like no other sports distributor in the UK. Our aim is to make sure that the customer can contact us 24/7 for enquiries and negotiations or simply find out more about us.

We have over 35 years in the sporting industry environment from manufacturing to distribution. Our aim is for the UK to get the younger generation playing and enjoying sport, and for the already active sports-persons life with the best and safest equipment in the UK, and knowing we can help provide these products brings us great pride.

The products we offer vary from your local park steel goals, to our top of the range products which are used at the Millennium Stadium, Wembley, and many other top premier stadiums, clubs and events. We supply products from corner flags to aluminium goal posts that are used at Wembley.

Erreà Sport, founded in 1988, are an Italian company specialising in the production of technical sportswear and are regarded as one of the leading brands at both national and international level.

From the head offices at San Polo di Torrile in the province of Parma, which have now grown to 15,000 square metres, all the phases of production are created and developed.

The company’s internal production combined with an in-house graphic design department, equip Erreà with the skills and techniques to create garments and complete ranges of personalised clothing in order to satisfy the needs of clients and professional clubs alike.

The combination of quality and service has resulted in Erreà becoming technical sponsor to a vast number of professional clubs, from junior amateur teams to some of the most famous clubs in Italy and around the world, not just in the world of football but also volleyball, basketball and rugby.

Harrod UK was founded by Ron Harrod in 1954 when, using skills traditionally associated with the local fishing industry, he started to convert old herring nets into garden netting at a factory in Lowestoft. It was not long, however, before the business diversified into the sports market and those skills were again put to use in the production of sports netting.

“When I started the business back in 1954, I had no business plan, no long term aims, and no idea that the business would grow to the size it is today. My philosophy has always been to invest in the business to ensure careful and controlled growth. A total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is still just as evident today as it was back then.

I have the same unshakeable belief that continual investment in recruitment, staff training, additional manufacturing and warehousing facilities, and expertise in areas such as product development will ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

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